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How will you use your four thousand weeks?

No word is more important to our daily existence than “time”. Yet we dance with it without making contact, understand it poorly, use it unwisely and often suffer under false assumptions that prevent us from making the best of our short stint on this blue planet. This article deals with common misconceptions about time and offers several models for getting more life into our years … Read More

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Is your ladder leaning against the right wall? Six mental models for success

Defining success – craft, don’t mimic A key component of finding meaning in life is our personal development, or what we call at Kalibra the “Grow” pillar of health. The path to finding our growth rhythm is riddled with pitfalls, … Read More

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Beyond Biohacking: Unveiling the Six Pillars of Optimal Health

Biohacking, wellness, and wellbeing are poorly defined terms that marketers often use to obscure selling a product, more often than not a supplement, device or a generic protocol. … Read More

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How to filter out the wellness clickbait and find your 80/20

We all have a sacred ritual that we won’t reveal much. I like to call it IDA – an International Day of Ambition. It’s usually a Monday, double-powered if it’s the first Monday of the month, and quadrupled if it’s the first day of something arbitrary – year, quarter, Lent, etc. … Read More

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Improving healthspan: your survival guide

Our founder Ivan Vatchkov recently presented a framework for improving healthspan at the National University of Singapore Centre for healthy longevity. We introduced a framework for how to tie longevity to specific actions, and how to think about incorporating healthspan improvement in our daily life. … Read More

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Where our thinking is different

There are a few things that we do differently here at Kalibra. First and foremost, we recognise that we have a lot in common in how our body works, and that is, in fact possible to make universal recommendations about health. However, we also recognise … Read More

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The 6 health pillars for our total wellbeing

Health is wealth, and almost all of us would agree that we put our health first – always and without fail. However, even for those who follow through on this commitment, what underpins it is a relatively unstructured and mass trend-led process … Read More

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Why we should start with blood testing

At Kalibra, we believe in objective data and hard science as the basis for intentional health. And without a doubt, the starting point for a conversation about that has to be with the current state and functioning of the main systems that have to effectively work together for peak … Read More

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Is it possible to make universal recommendations about health?

Focus these days tends to be on individuality. Especially in this age of genetic testing. The fact is, however, that ahead of individual differences, we are all human. Not only that, but as far as we know today, with the latest studies of mitochondrial gene evolution and transmission … Read More

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