Kalibra scores are a visual representation and breakdown of your health

Welcome to intentional health.

Kalibra is a platform for personalised health and longevity, delivering data-guided insights and real-time actions to improve our lifelong healthspan.

Using our A.I. algorithms to organise your health data (wearables, biomarkers, digital markers, social and emotional datapoints) will give you an accurate real-time status of your health, and let you know the highest leverage action to take at every moment. 

Are you ready to begin your journey to intentional health?

Kalibra Philosophy

Total You: 6 Pillars of Health

Kalibra helps you achieve a healthy balance between the physical, mental and social aspects of your health, and targets effort and attention where you need it most. 

Kalibra is built on applying the methods of physical sciences to health—quantifying and analysing your total health through precise diagnostics, measurements, advanced data analysis methods, machine learning, and inferential statistics.

Our nutrition, digestion, elimination, inflammation and micro/macro nutrient balance.


Move: Our mobility, endurance, strength, muscle mass, bone density, performance and ready state.


Connect: Our relationships within our community, friends, loved ones and family.


Grow: Our constant self-development, purpose. Our “why’ and relationship with our future self.


Reflect: Our psychological state and mindset, mental health and connection with ourselves.


Rest: Our sleep, restfulness and recovery cycles. Our bedtime hygiene and habits.


Meet Kali, your personal health coach

Health and wellbeing are very personal matters, and we all need guidance and motivation to stay on track. Meet Kali. 

With our friendly coach Kali, continuous conversation is at the heart of your experience with Kalibra. This is because it allows us to monitor your data, surface the right, real-time insights and actions in the most human and understandable of ways. 

Stay in touch with Kali

Kali is your personal Health Coach

Why Kalibra?

Kalibra 80/20 Rule

Know the highest value action

We use AI to find the best action to take at each moment. Unique to you.

Kalibra Continuous Care

Adapting to your lifestyle

Kalibra constantly learns in order to find imbalances and adapt to your goals.

Kalibra Health Loop

Relooping your habits

Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle, one action at a time.

Healthspan as a Service

Healthspan as a service (HAAS)

We bring all the knowledge, data and actionable insight to you, in your preferred medium.

Kalibra Tailored Health

A tailored wellbeing journey

Personalise every aspect of your healthspan improvement plan.

Data privacy by default

Total privacy, by default.

You control how your data is shared, and with whom. We never share your data without your explicit instruction.

Making preventive healthcare easier

Kalibra brings lab quality analysis to your home – delivering you the most valuable health data in the most convenient way. 

By combining proprietary deep learning models and state of the art image processing techniques, we are able to test and manage the key markers and risk factors of your health, from blood biomarkers, to body dimension and composition, heart health, stress and restfulness. 

Kalibra Body Scan Accuracy and Validation
Kali is your personal Health Coach

Make confident health choices

When it comes to health, we all have our goals but it’s difficult to always know what to do, and when. Kalibra starts by defining your current baseline, in order to outline the key areas to focus on.

From there, we target continuous, data-driven, incremental improvement across all the pillars of your healthspan. Each insight and action is unique to you, dynamically calibrated to your present state, and driven by the all-seeing Kali. The outcome: we give you back time by simplifying your health journey to one simple daily interaction with your personal coach. 

Empower your support team

Whether you work with a personal coach, nutritionist, a health clinic or are visiting a wellness practice, Kalibra enables total personalisation and continuity of care. 

By sharing additional information with us, your care team can contribute essential datapoints, offer better guidance on your journey and celebrate your success.

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