Improving healthspan: your survival guide

Longevity and Healthspan

Interest in longevity continues to increase, as people look to understand how they can experience longer, happier, healthier and more productive years. At Kalibra we have, and continue to, put a lot of our energy into building tools and processes to help people navigate this journey. Keep reading to learn about improving healthspan – your survival guide

Our founder Ivan Vatchkov recently presented a framework for improving healthspan at the National University of Singapore Centre for healthy longevity.  He introduced a framework for how to tie longevity to specific actions, and how to think about incorporating healthspan improvement in our daily life.

We’ve now made this video available for everyone, click below to hear our take on longevity and healthspan.

We’ve also made this presentation available for download. Simply provide your email address to receive updates from Kalibra, and then download the presentation here.

Want to learn more?

At Kalibra our thought leadership on longevity and healthspan doesn’t end there. We’ve also spoken about what we term, the six circles of health, Rest, Nourish, Move, Connect, Reflect and Grow, to help each of us understand how we can improve our life. You can read more about this philosophy here.

If you’re concerned about making the best use of your time, then why not take a look at our concept piece here on how to think about time, the only resource that truly matters.

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