Kalibra Membership

Becoming a Kalibra member is the first step to a healthier you.

A Kalibra membership provides your account with access to advanced optical imaging and more.

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A Kalibra membership unlocks the following optical imaging features:

    • Body Scan

      A convenient 3D analyser that fits in your pocket – BodyScan is optimized to run on-device using only your smartphone, to deliver highly accurate body dimension and composition estimates in about a minute

    • Face Scan

      FaceScan provides estimated readings on heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure and more – in around 30 seconds

    • HRV Scan

      Find out your Heart Rate and Heart Rate variability using your camera

    Note that optional scanning may not work on all devices.

The Kalibra app, available on the Apple app store, and Google Play, for free and gives you access to conversational coaching, health scoring, daily actions and insights, and more.

A Kalibra membership  is for users of the Kalibra app, who want to unlock the power of optional scanning.

Your data is private by default. We do not share it, unless you choose to. For more detail, please see our terms of use and privacy policy.

Yes, you will get an email receipt depending on your plan

You cancel your plan by clicking on manage membership at the top of this page and logging using your email address.

You can use Kalibra on your mobile device without a membership. Membership unlocks advanced optional imaging functionality, and can be cancelled anytime.

You can view detailed information about how your data is handled, including optical scanning features, here.

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