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Total You: 6 Pillars of Health

The key path to optimal health is through correcting imbalances. However most think of imbalances as a purely physical matter – biomarker imbalances, body function imbalances, perhaps a stress imbalance.

What is often left out is that we are more than a physical body, and our mental, emotional, social and meaning-making needs all need to be in balance. This is Kalibra’s key insight – our health fountain draws from the same source, irrespective of what we call it. And being aware of the imbalances unique to us is the critical starting point of any health journey.

Kalibra’s health framework rests on six interconnected pillars: Rest, Nourish, Connect, Move, Reflect, and Grow. You can learn more about this here.

Our nutrition, digestion, elimination, inflammation and micro/macro nutrient balance.

Our mobility, endurance, strength, muscle mass, bone density, performance and ready state.

Our relationships within our community, friends, loved ones and family.

Our constant self-development, purpose. Our “why’ and relationship with our future self.

Our psychological state and mindset, mental health and connection with ourselves.

Our sleep, restfulness and recovery cycles. Our bedtime hygiene and habits.

Kalibra helps you optimise your wellbeing across physical, social and mental domains

In order to help you find the highest leverage action in real time, Kalibra tracks your progress in each of the 6 pillars of health, in real time. Our AI organises and analyses data from various sources such as wearables, conversations, in person assessments, and proprietary scans.

The TOTAL YOU Health Loop

Step 1: Establish a baseline

Understand where you are so that you can outline key goals and how to measure progress. Consider a blood test or an in person assessment.

Step 2: Prioritise

Focus on correcting the main imbalances that are unique to you and prioritise the health pillar they are in.

Step 3: Connect with an accountability partner

This can be a coach, a friend, or someone to help you stay on track. This will help you when motivation dips.

Step 4: Target incremental progress

Consistency and compounding are often overlooked in the rush for quick outcomes. Slow down so that you can benefit from the compound impact of small actions.

Step 5: Reflect and collect feedback

What’s working, what’s not? How can you ensure consistency? What are the main markers of success?

Step 6: Reloop your habits

Once you’ve found your 80/20 and the things that work for you, ensure you stay on track by checking in with your Kalibra coach or Kali.

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