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Kalibra offers 3 membership tiers, ranging from AI only to integrated AI/human support packages: Essential, Enhanced and Elite.

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Kalibra Essential Monthly Subscription
$ 10 per month
  • Conversational coaching
  • Health scoring
  • Daily actions and insights
  • Smart health wallet


Kalibra Enhanced Monthly Subscription
$ 30 per month
  • Everything in ESSENTIAL, plus
  • Optical imaging diagnostics
  • Biomarker analytics
  • Wearable integration


Kalibra Elite Monthly Subscription
$ 100 per month, charged annually
  • Everything in ENHANCED, plus
  • Blood testing
  • In person assessments
  • Coaching

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Yes, you can try a limited functionality version of Kalibra for a limited time.

Yes, once you’ve completed the basic assessment, we’ll be able to match you with a coach. Note: only applies in certain geographies at present.

We have partner labs in some countries, and are expanding our network. You can check options during the booking process.

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